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846461_b4f41ed4de8048c99b775c1b55a4e8e0"Music is truly the only universal language that crosses all borders.  It does not care what you look like, your age, where you come from, all it asks is that you participate".  ~ Chris Millington

"Chris has developed an exceptional band program at St. Margaret`s School. Students thrive under his direction. Chris has a clear grasp of the direction that he wants to take in nurturing students that possess a range of abilities. The end result is always outstanding. Bravo Chris!" ~ Vic Clayton Head St. Margaret’s School Victoria

Chris teaches privately, zoom / skype and in clinics. As a teacher with over 30 years private teaching and 15 years as the band teacher at St. Margaret's School in Victoria, Chris has a great deal of experience working with all types of learners.

Woodwind Specialist providing Clarinet, Flute and Saxophone lessons

B.Mus University of Ottawa Honours Cum Laude / Berklee College of Music, Boston / British Columbia College of Teachers Professional Certificate University of Victoria

Beginners to jazz performance to seniors with arthritic fingers – all ages. Lesson topics include:

  • Breathing
  • Embouchure
  • Tone Production
  • Technique
  • Developing a Good Practice Routine
  • Reading
  • Improvisation through chord progressions
  • Theory / Arranging / Music Business
  • How to listen and appreciate music
  • Extensive experience in Finale music printing software